Advantages And Disadvantages Of PUBG Game (PUBG PROS And CONS)

Advantages And Disadvantages Of PUBG Game

Now days, PUBG game is in high demand, from children to young generation, everybody seems to play this game because of its interesting features.So, let’s discuss about the Advantages and Disadvantages of PUBG Game. It is a perfect way for the time pass. Earlier, PUBG was only available in the PC version but now it has been introduced into the mobile version as well


Advantages Of PUBG Game 

  • Free To Download

Now you can easily downloadPUBG game in your mobile phone at free of cost. So, it is a big advantage of PUBG mobile game as compared to its PC version.

  • PUBG Can Be Play In Multiple Mobile Devices

So, now approx. 100 players can participate in a game including duo and squad teams. And they can earn points which can be sold in the marketplace.

  • Bonuses Benefits

Another best advantage of playing PUBG game is that users can earn lots of bonuses after being successfully winning each mission. Bonuses in form of free login are available to the players.

Disadvantages Of PUBG Game

  • Low Quality Of Graphics In Mobile Version

In PC version, there isvery good graphics quality but if we talk about PUBG mobile version, then graphics quality are very low.

  • Problem Of Crashes And Freezes

Due to inappropriate server sometimes its leads to the problems of crashes, freezes and lag in spite of its realistic gunplay

  • Limited Choice Of Weapons

There are some limited weapons or items available to the players. This is one of the biggest disadvantage that player do not have wide choice of choosing weapons in the game.

That’s all concerning Advantages and Disadvantages of PUBG Game. We hope you will like the details given here about PUBG game pros and cons. Stay connected with us for more interesting facts like this.

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