PUBG Tips And Tricks For Beginners – Everything You Need To Know

PUBG Tips And Tricks

Now that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is officially out, I believe this is the perfect time to bring you all, a guide to PUBG Tips And Tricks. With the correct implementation of all or at least a few of these PUBG tips, any PUBG player can improve his (er) game. This, coupled with adequate practice, can allow players to get a place in the final ten easily.

If you are the one who wishes to get ahead of your competitors and take home some of those delicious chicken dinners, then I will advise you to go through all the PUBG Tips And Tricks mentioned below.

PUBG Tips And Tricks

With the constant threat of being shot from any direction, playing PUBG is not for the faint-hearted person. However, there are a few ways you can use to avoid or at least decrease the risk of dying at any instant. Though, one might think this would involve camping in a single location inside of the circle. However, that is not the way to play the game.

To survive for a longer period of time and still stick to game’s core elements, one must adopt a special skillset. One which features a number of different tactics and strategies. But with PUBG being so competitive, where might one come across information on all of this, you might wonder? Well, you have come to the right place. Here lies some of the much-needed PUBG tips and tricks, you need to follow to survive in the game.

Furthermore, for your ease and comfort, I have characterized all of the PUBG tips and tricks under their dedicated headings. Hence, if you wish to only work on one aspect of your gameplay, then head on over to the specific section and get cracking.

PUBG Parachute Tips

Let me kick things off with the PUBG tips related to the first and foremost element of the game, your drop location. In PUBG Map, parachuting to the place you want to drop isn’t as easy as it sounds like a number of different components come into play. These include the speed, the range and the flight path of the drop plane. So, if you want to master these skills, check out our PUBG tips for parachuting below:

  • After the drop plane takes its course, open up the map and first decide where you wish to drop. However, before you do just that, keep in mind that dropping in high-risk areas can be quite difficult for the novice of the game. As a result, I will advise you to look for places like Gatka and Mylta as here the risk is somewhat low, and you’ll find all of the core items.

  • Before you initiate the drop, make sure that the flight path of the plane allows you to reach your drop point. Otherwise, head on over to the PUBG interactive map and see if the flight path is in the right direction.

PUBG Landing Tips

Now that you have successfully landed, you might be left wondering what to do. Now the biggest mistake one makes while playing PUBG, is here. As a result, to have a successful game, one must follow a few guidelines to increase their chances of surviving during the first few minutes of the game. Check out our PUBG tips for landing below:

  • Avoid contact early on. If you see someone in the same cluster of buildings, I advise you to turn away rather than rush at the other player, in hopes of killing him. The reason for this is the fact that he has a head start which means the chances of him getting his hands on a weapon before you are much greater than yours.
  • Landing in low-risk areas has its benefits which include fewer chances of facing other players early on. However, there are disadvantages as well as the loot in such places is quite limited. As a result, pick up whatever you can whether it’s a pistol or a melee weapon.
  • Look for clues when looking for other players. When players raid houses in search of loot, they will open doors and pick up ammo almost always. So, when coming to a place with open doors and weapons with no ammo, keep an eye out as some has already raided the place and can still be in the same area.

  • Keeping the previous PUGB tips in mind, when you raid the houses, always remember to close the doors behind you as leaving them open, gives away your location. Do remember to shut the door.
  • Never, and I emphasize never overlook shotguns as for close range combat, nothing beats a shotgun. Since the game in initial stages is all about raiding houses and looting areas, having a shotgun is the perfect advantage for you.
  • Though I don’t have to explain to you the importance of this PUBG tip to equip an armor and helmet is a must. No matter the quality, these two are essential for your survival, especially the helmet.
  • In relation to the previous PUBG tips, always have on fresh armor, even if that means leaving behind a higher quality armor for a low end one. This is because the protection you get from an undamaged one will last you longer. This works for all armor and helmets except the level 3 helmet, as it is the only protection you have against a sniper shot.

PUBG Shooting Tips

It’s time now for the most important part of this guide on PUBG tips and tricks. It is the one which links to the only things that stand between you and your death. It is now time for the PUBG tips for shooting. PUBG is a game about survival, where the last person remaining takes home the chicken dinner in the end.

However, one cannot do so without killing at least one person. Consequently, in the end, your aim counts the most. If you are the one who has difficulty in getting the aim right, don’t worry. I have got your back. Check out our PUBG tips for aiming below:

  • Play smart. By this I mean, avoid rushing into battle. Hold your ground and look for the perfect play which could sometimes mean running away from fights. As killing is only a part of the game, surviving is what you should focus on. In other words, take fight which you know you will surely win.
  • Expanding on the previous PUBG tips, wait for the perfect shot. Whether it is a sniper rifle you have equipped or a shotgun, don’t go all out. Wait for the perfect moment where you are sure you will land a shot.
  • When using an automatic weapon, always be cautious as recoil is what can kill you at the end of the day. Fully automatic weapons might be good for kill people quickly. However, they are extremely inaccurate and can give away your location. This, combined with you running out of your magazine in just a single burst can lead you to your imminent death. Hence, be extremely careful when using fully automatic weapons.

  • Experimenting can only get you so far. Therefore, stick to the weapon you are most comfortable with. That being said, I know the chances of you finding the weapon of your choice, in every game, are quite low. But, when you do, always switch even if it means dropping something very good.
  • Pay attention to zeroing distances. Not many people take advantage of this feature, however, if one is, let’s say snipping, zeroing distance is essential when it comes to taking shots at a range. Therefore, I highly recommend anyone who is taking long-range shots, to use to zeroing distance mechanic as it will make shooting much easier.
  • Gun attachments are as important as the gun itself. These attachments can make your life much easier, especially when it comes to taking accurate shots. Furthermore, it is highly recommended you have a scoped equipped at all times.

PUBG Advance Tips

With all of these core elements now covered, let me take a look at the more complex tips. Keep in mind that these PUBG pro tips are not to be relied upon at all times as these will only work in certain scenarios. So, let’s get to all of these advanced PUBG  tips.

  • Avoid running in a straight line when under fire, as this way, your movements can be predicted. Therefore, I advise you to always run in a zigzag pattern. Furthermore, when looting or in the process of applying a bandage, always make slight movements by couching constantly. This will make you a harder target to hit. Hence, improving your chances to survive.
  • Boots, though they are good for protection against your feet, they create extra noise. So, if you wish to adopt a more stealth approach, I will advise you to play the game barefoot, the character that is.
  • Keep an eye out for the red zone as roaming around carelessly in the zone can lead to you getting blown to bits.
  • While fleeing from a fight, unequip your weapon. Though this will leave you defenseless, you will have a higher chance of escaping as unequipping your weapon gives you a speed boost.
  • Taking cover is very important. Whenever you are caught in an open field, always look for cover rather than taking the fight head on. This is because your chances of winning the fight in an open environment are quite slim as it can attract unwanted attention from other nearby players.

  • Additionally, if you are the one who wishes to take more kills rather than focus on surviving, then I will recommend you to play at the edge of the blue circle. By doing just this, you will come across a number of players who are trying to make their way in the white circle.
  • Patience is the key. This is one PUBG pro tip, I will advise all PUBG players to observe. Taking things slow while playing can get you quite far, even if you are not good at shooting. However, do not confuse this with camping as we all know camping is looked down upon in all games.

That is it for now. But stay tuned as I will bring you more PUGB tips and tricks in the coming days. Till then, comment below and let me know what you think of the PUBG tips mentioned above. If you wish to add to the article, then drop your tip or trick down below and help the community out.

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