Reasons Why India Will Win ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?

Why India Will Win ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

There are some reasons that state that India will surely win ICC cricket world cup 2019. Due to the best support and performance of Indian cricket players, it is strongly predicted that India will surely win ICC world cup this year. Let’s check out the top reasons that makes possible for India to win ICC cricket world cup.

List Of Finals, Along With The Host Nation And Location And Result Of The Final

Year Winner Runner-Up
1975 West Indies  Australia
1979 West Indies  England
1983 India  West Indies
1987 Australia  England
1992 Pakistan  England
1996 Sri Lanka  Australia
1999 Australia  Pakistan
2003 Australia  India
2007 Australia  Sri Lanka
2011 India  Sri Lanka
2015  Australia  New Zealand
2019 TBD TBD
Year Host Nation(s)
1975 England
1979 England
1983 England (venue)
1987 India, Pakistan
1992 Australia, New Zealand
1996 India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
1999 England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands
2003 Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe
2007 West Indies
2011 Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka
2015 Australia, New Zealand
2019 England, Wales

From the above given table, we can strongly say that India will win ICC world cup 2019 as the 1983 cricket match was held in England and in 209 also the match is going to be held in England only. So it is strongly predicted that India will once again win on the pitch of England. Additionally, there are some other reasons also which can leadIndia success.

Reasons Why India Will Win ICC Cricket World Cup?

  • Virat Kohli, Strong Contender

Virat is the strongest point that states that India will surely win the world cup this year. He is an Indian international cricketer who is currently the captain of India. Due to his marvelous performances in various test cricket matches, ODI and IPL, he proves to be the best Indian cricketer.

  • The Strongest Batting Lineup

No Doubts, Indian Criket Team Has The Strongest Lineup Of Batsmen Including The Opener– Rohit And Shikhar Or Middle Order – Virat, Raina, Dhoni, Jadeja. All of them are superb batsmen who can turn the worsesituation into a winning situation at any point of time.

  • Unpredictable Bowling Attack

Some top bowlers like Bhuvaneswar Kumar, Umesh Yadav and Jasprit Bumrah have the ability and tendency to tilt the match in favor of team by taking wickets at unpredictable timing.Also, there is no shortage of world class spinners like Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Ashwin in the team who can make the India cricket team win the world cup.

So, these are some Reasons Why India Will Win ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. We hope you will like the stuff. Stay in touch with us for cool facts like this.

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